Our Story


We started in the 1940's when six families joined together, creating a place for their children to grow in faith. Over time we grew through prayer and worship until God blessed us with our current building, and we continue those foundations of worship, growth, and prayer today as we seek to be a presence for Jesus in the community of Lakewood.

As part of a larger family called the Episcopal Church, we inherit a way of bring Christian focused on Scripture, Tradition, and Reason to live out our ancient faith into the modern world.


Our Faith and Values


God the good creator

God is the good creator who desires salvation rather than destruction of creation. The natural world and our physical bodies are God’s own good gifts for us.


Jesus as Savior and Lord

Jesus is God who became fully human to save us from powers which corrupt and destroy. By his death and resurrection we have hope for our own resurrection in the future New Creation.


The Bible informed by tradition and reason

We value the Bible, reading it in conversation with Christians of the past as well as insights from our current knowledge of the world. We value discerning between what it truly core to the Christian Faith and what is open to diverse ideas.


Ancient Faith, Modern World

Our worship is rooted in ancient prayers, rituals, and practices hallowed over time by faithful Christians into the earliest days of the church, while also being adaptable for the future of God’s mission for us.


The Gospel for all people to the end of time

As part of the Episcopal Church, we invite all people from every nation, race, gender identity, and sexual orientation to follow Jesus though Baptism as his disciple and take part in the full life of the Church.


Our Connections


We're a part of the Episcopal Church and in the Diocese of Olympia. The Episcopal Church is a member of the worldwide family of similar churches called the Anglican Communion. Click below to learn more.

Diocese of Olympia

The Episcopal Church

Anglican Communion